Pencil Sharpener - Retro TV

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Pencil Sharpener - Retro TV
  • pencil sharpener retro tv, stationary, daydreamer shop, made in ukraine
  • pencil sharpener retro tv, stationary, daydreamer shop, made in ukraine
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    Studio DayDreamer has developed uniquely designed Pencil Sharpener in a shape of a Retro TV!

    Would you like your pencils always to be sharp? Become an owner of the Retro TV Pencil Sharpener.  

    Pencil Sharpener in the shape of the Retro TV will be perfect decoration at your office or home, and will make pencil sharpening a fun and exciting experience. Design of this Pencil Sharpener includes a waste tray, so you will have no need to search for a trash can every time you need to sharped your pencils. You will enjoy this mess free sharpener!


    1. Creative design and shape
    2. It's own waste tray
    3. Organic materials – Pressed wood (MDF)
    4. Metal blade
    5. Practical and Inspirational


    Start to sharpen your pencils with this fun and convenient Retro TV Pencil Sharpener!
    Developed and manufactured in Europe (Ukraine)!

    Size sharpener (LхWхH) - 52х31х40 mm (2,05''x1.22''x1.57'' in)
    Pack - Branded package

    Please attention: perfect complement to pen holder interesting desktop pen holder, stylish business cards stand


    Pencil Sharpener Retro TV – Unique Gift


    Pencil Sharpener Retro TV - perfect and individual gift for all, who enjoys unique and useful items and to all who spends a lot of time at the office desk. You can get it for yourself, your coworkers, family member, friends, children.  




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